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An Illuminating Blog

An Illuminating Blog

  • Clare

Numerical literacy

Updated: Aug 6, 2018

According to the QCAA website “current research, supported by Queensland’s NAPLAN data, identifies two critical factors that underpin student achievement in mathematics: a well develop understanding of number, and strong mathematical literacy,.”

It is that kind of thinking that inspired the creation of Clash of the Countries. When my own kids were young we played a lot of games, including card games and I know it helped their understanding of number, both theoretically and in real world situations. In Clash of the Countries we have chosen to use numbers that will develop a student’s numerical literacy. The game is played socially to it encourages players to be able to read the place values and articulate each number rather than just read it. The game uses real statistics from real countries and highlight real issues facing the world, giving students a chance to see practical real-world examples of number and understand the need for numerical literacy.

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