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An Illuminating Blog

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21st Century Skills

Updated: Nov 13, 2018

What are the 21s century skills?

The world that is coming is unknown, we can’t tell our students/children exactly what they will face in 20 or even 10years in the future. The Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority advises that young people need to be prepared for a very different world from the one we know. In order to do that young people need to be Innovators, Entrepreneurs, Lifelong learners and Responsible Global Citizens. These are all values that we at Illuminating Distractions feel very strongly about.

QCAA states that the 21st Century skills young people need to thrive in this emerging world are:

· Critical thinking

· Communication

· Personal and social skills

· ICT skills

· Creative thinking

· Collaboration and teamwork

Games like Clash of the Countries, that focus on communication, problem solving, and developing social skills while interacting with global statistics help students to develop these skills in a fun, competitive screen free environment.

More information about the 21st Century skills can be found at