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An Illuminating Blog

An Illuminating Blog

  • Clare

The beginnings....

Updated: Jul 5, 2018

Clash of the Countries started as “The Wontok Game “– a card game for use at conferences for high-school students around Australia. The conferences called “Wontok” were designed to get students from several high schools in that area, to meet and engage with United Nations Global Goals for Sustainability. The game allowed students on interact with several statistics then together discussed the meaning their meanings and their implications for us here in Australia. The statistics were often surprising and confronting. At the end of the conference the students often commented on how much they enjoyed the game. The United Nations Global Goals for Sustainability offer the world 17 key goals so that together we can ensure a sustainable world for future generations. Here in Australia many people live a very, the likes of which many in the world could only dream about, but is it sustainable?

Clash of the Countries is the result of a year long journey taking ““The Wontok Game “ and redesigning it into a commercially viable product that schools and families will be able to enjoy.