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Perfect for Family Games Night



Clash of the Countries will support your child’s learning in math and geography.  The game may raise questions about global sustainability and justice that we hope you enjoy answering. 

Clash of the Countries is a perfect game to pack when you are going on holiday.  It is the perfect activity for those long hours waiting at the airport, train station, or even on a cruise boat.

Being small and easy to play Clash of the Countries is the perfect game for waiting in long queues, between games at sports tournaments, or even between events at festivals. 

It is an, fun competitive alternative to screen based activities that can engage children and adults from 8 to 108.


Clash of the Countries is the perfect game for any home-school family.  It inspires conversations over a number of curriculum areas.  The competition element makes it appealing for children and young people over a wide age range.  It can be played while waiting for sports or music lessons and is a great icebreaker when making new friends.

We are in the process of notes for home schooling families and will have them available in January when we launch our homeschooler packs.